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What is your name?
  Lauren Urso
What state are you from?
  New Jersey
How old are you?
  20 years old
Education background or current status?
  College student majoring in theatre arts.
What is your favorite food?
  Southern cooking.
Favorite Movie?
  Achorman with Will Farrell. Its such a quote-able move!
Kind of guy you go for?
  Someone athletic with a great personality. He has to like animals and he needs to be able to make me laugh. I don't like guys who are too serious.
Worst pick up line?
  A bouncer at club Kryptonite in Myrtle Beach, SC said to me "Are your parents WWE wrestlers? Because your body is SLAMMIN" It was cute coming from him because he was hot.
Perfect Date?
  Anything creative and spontaneous. Dinner and movie dates are so boring. I love boardwalk dates. There's so much to do like mini golf, games, the ferris wheel, and you have the beach right there. Its fun and romantic.
Why do you love being part of the MMA (mixed martial arts, UFC) Sport?
  Its great because my dad and brother are involved with MMA. My brother wants to be a fighter and my dad has his own dojo. I love and respect the sport so much and am glad I got into it because now the whole family is involved!